Wise Boxing Grand Prix FINAL March 4, 2022

WISE BOXING GRAND PRIX FINAL has been postponed due to an unstable situation in Moldova. We all stay positive and hope for the situation to stabilize soon. Please stay tuned. We will announce the tournament’s new date on our social media and our website.You can get more information from the live we held to explain why the tournament got postponed and what our next steps will be. Watch live here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpTD5kKBorE/

Get ready for an epic showdown!

Misac Vadim and Nicolau Vladislav will step into the Universitatea de Stat de Educație Fizică și Sport in Chișinău, determined to prove themselves in a fight that could define their legacies. Every hit they land will come with a chorus of cheers and gasps from boxing fans around the world who are watching this thrilling event. Both boxers have trained hard to prepare for this match, and now they’ll be using every bit of strength and skill they’ve acquired to reach the finish line first and claim victory.

Over 6 rounds, these warriors will fight with all they have, unleashing powerful punches and evading one another’s strikes until one crosses the finish line first.

Who will win? Tune in to find out!

Join us at Universitatea de Stat de Educație Fizică și Sport, Strada Andrei Doga 22, Chişinău on March 4 to witness this epic battle!

It promises to be an intense match full of high-energy punches and lightning-fast reactions!

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Universitatea de Stat de ii Educație Fizică și Sport. Strada Andrei Doga 22, Chișinău
Rostislav Alekseev
Alexandr Pulev
Iaroslav Sahotschii
Dmitri Blinov
Daniel Cojocari
Artiom Popovici
Stanislav Borimecicov
Victor Crivoi
Mihail Zubenco
Eduard Ulianitchii
Anatolii Gavriliuc
Dan Castravet